About Bama Bucks


Bama Bucks is your new home away from home.  Visit with our family, learn about our many exotic wildlife on site, ride a camel or bull, and take in gourmet wild game meat prepared by Special Chef John Salmon.  


Our farm of exotic game animals started many, many years ago.  What began as a little boy's dream has blossomed into so much more.  The owner, Terry Turk's, love for animals began as a child. His dream was to own a deer as a pet after assisting a friend in taking care of a deer who was later adopted by Noccalula Falls State Park in Gadsden, AL.   In 1998, Mr. Turk had not only reached his goal of having a deer as a pet but hundreds of deer. In that year he and his family received the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources breeding certification.  Thus, what was once a small dream had evolved into a much larger adventure. In 2006 Mr. Turk and his family welcomed their first exotic pet, an Elk. Then a kangaroo was introduced to the farm. Their family farm quickly grew to the capacity it is today hosting all of the animals listed on our website.

The continuing momentum of the Turk exotic wild game farm is largely credited to animal lovers and enthusiasts from all over who frequently visited the Turk's outstanding growing family of animals and see them first hand.  While sustaining an open door policy to all visitors, Mr. Turk imagined a retreat for his beloved visitors and wildlife. Thus, the continuum of events leads to building an additional state of the art facility to host the Turk family's animals, a breathtakingly cozy cabin located between I-59 and US HWY 431 to comfortably seat 100 people, and a life-changing wild game dining experience prepared by renowned Chef John Salmon.

We aim to incorporate a fluid working knowledge of our animals at Bama Bucks.  You can observe them, enjoy dinner in the cabin, watch honey bees create sweet magic, and gain an extensive education from any member of our staff.